3D model of ‘urban village’ unveiled at Market Street Community Forum

Posted on 28th September 2015 in Community Consultation - 0

On Thursday (24 September), residents of Newbury were the first to see the 3D model of the proposed ‘urban village’ development for the site between the railway station and Market Street.

The event was attended by over 6o people, including representatives of the Quakers, local businesses, and local district and town councillors along with Nick Carter, Chief Executive of West Berkshire Council.

Charles Campion, Partner at JTP said:

“We were delighted that people took the time to come and see us again for an update on the proposals. The 3D model allowed people to see how the proposed development will sit on the site, how it relates to neighbouring buildings and also showed the street layout within the ‘urban village’”.

One of the questions raised at the Community Planning Weekend in July was how the Quaker’s Meeting House would fit within the development.

David Walters, Development Director at Grainger, said:

We are very pleased with the way in which the communities involvement shaped the proposals at the community planning weekend in July.  Since then we have been looking in detail at all the technical aspects of the new master plan, and we were delighted to be able to confirm back to the community last week that we have been able to maintain their overall vision”. 

 “Part of this vision has been about retaining the Newbury’ness whilst future proofing for new investment in the town in years to come, both in architecture and character.   Our commitment to retain the Quakers meeting House for the Friends and associated groups is one example, as well as future proofing new connections east/west and to the Kennet Centre is another.  It is a delicate balance to achieve these ambitions and ensure the proposals can be delivered, so we are delighted with where we are so far and hope we can continue to work with the community and make the proposals a reality”.

The next step is for the design team at JTP to prepare a detailed planning application for the site. It is anticipated the planning application will be submitted by Grainger, the developer, to West Berkshire Council at the end of 2015.  Grainger will arrange a second community forum around this time to give the community another chance to see and comment on the proposals.

If you would like more information, including the outcomes from the Community Planning Weekend held in July, please visit www.newburymarketstreet.co.uk

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 Market Street 3D model

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